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Announcing Emailed Analytics Reporting

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Shared by EasyRedir • May 01, 2024

February 7, 2022

You loved the insights EasyRedir’s new detailed analytics and lost traffic releases provide, and you’ve said you want more. Well, we’ve heard you and are now very excited to offer scheduled reports that will arrive to your email inbox monthly, weekly, or daily! You can set the preferred frequency and look-back window in your dashboard to best fit your needs.

These new at-a-glance email reports include how many requests EasyRedir processed for you, how many of your distinct hostnames have been requested, the number of lost requests, your top lost traffic URLs, top countries making the requests, and top referring domains. Additionally, we provide an account summary of redirect destinations, source hostnames, and team members. To keep you on top of what we’ve been up to here at EasyRedir, we’ve included an updates section so you never miss a thing.

We know how powerful and integral your data is to your business, and we hope that this new update empowers you with the tools you need to continue to get the most value out of your relationship with EasyRedir. You can learn more about our emailed analytics reports below.