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Improved Public API Features

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Shared by EasyRedir • May 01, 2024

April 21, 2021

Now that our API has been available for a few months, we've received some great user feedback to improve the integration experience with EasyRedir. Our latest updates are all about programmatically managing your hosts and redirect rules.

Key Features:

  • We have exposed all of the new host settings from this release through our public API, allowing you to fetch and modify those settings on a per-host basis via the API.
  • Now you can also search redirect rules by source or target URL with query parameters to quickly find the records you need.
  • When you create or update a redirect rule using our public API, you can also access the required DNS settings for the resulting hosts. This will allow you to programmatically report or update DNS settings within your own systems.

We've updated our API documentation to include these changes, you can find them below.